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Child Anxiety program

action-based approach to learn how to interrupt the process of anxiety to control and manage worried thoughts

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Worry is a normal part of learning and growing. But when anxiety becomes bossy in the brains of our fun and happy-hearted kids, it alters their behaviors, actions, and emotional state. Anxiety wants to control everything around us to avoid the uncertain and uncomfortable situations we experience during our daily life. When worry becomes powerful, it can impact a child’s ability to engage in normal daily activities including school, making friends, sleep, developing independence, play, and trying new things. If that sounds familiar, you are in the right place! I teach children and teens to understand the process of worry, retrain the brain, and take action against anxiety! Your child will learn skills to conquer worry and become the independent child you are raising them to be! 

Action over Avoidance

sound familiar?

Anxiety can show up in so many ways in children. The spectrum is wide...some may have difficulty separating from their parents, sleeping alone, difficulty making friends, some show aggressive or maladaptive behaviors, getting up for school or extra-curricular activities, excessive perfectionism, and more. When you pay attention closely, you may notice a pattern to your anxious child’s words. I have good news! It doesn’t have to stay like this. We will retrain your child’s brain to recognize and interrupt the pattern of worry in the brain so they can be free from the restraints of anxiety.

does this

this is for you if. . .

Your child is avoiding activities and tasks they need to do, want to do, and have previously enjoyed in the past

Your child appears to seek control in various aspects of life such as being a perfectionist, tolerating change, or difficulty sharing with others

Your child's imagination seems to spiral into the worst case scenario situations, whether realistic or not. 

Your child struggles with “all or nothing” type of behavior. They “never” get to do anything or “always” get in trouble.

Your child believes and lives like their high level of anxiety will be there forever and there’s no hope for positive expectancy in the future

Your child may become overwhelmed easily, shows strong emotional outbursts whether aggressive, crying, silly, sad

you can Stop searching

I created this program for you

This program is designed to transform your anxious child into an problem solving thinker and independent action taker! You and your child will take action against anxiety by learning to overcome the discomfort, normalize anxious situations, and use effective and simple strategies to rewire the brain for optimal functioning! You and your child will be able to identify when anxiety is showing up, detect what anxiety is telling you and interrupt the process of anxiety to conquer fears, face new challenges, and experience life to the fullest!

what's included

flexible online scheduling

video chat sessions

home program between sessions

email access to therapist

handouts and resources 

discounted booster sessions after completion

"We started CBIT and after a few sessions my daughter is tic free"

Patricia. MA, USA

“His tics are under control and it is all due to Emily who taught him the most important lesson of life that is to be self aware. Thank you Emily for helping my boy.” 

Ajay. New DElhi, India

"Her strategies and program are easy to follow and really work!! My daily affirmations have changed my life. If you are someone struggling with tics at all, Emily can help.”

Brigit. FL, USA

frequent questions


Your child does not need a formal diagnosis to begin therapy for your child. I will recommend following a medical doctor for management of symptoms, but it is not a prerequisite. Many clients prefer to seek a Neurologist recommendation prior to starting therapy to rule out other factors for symptom onset. 


I am a cash-based provider. Because I serve clients throughout the country and across the borders, I do not contract with insurance providers. I can provide you with weekly invoices and superbills if you would like to submit to insurance for reimbursement. Cost of services is available upon request.


I am based in Florida, USA. All sessions take place via a secure video chat platform, such as Zoom. Research shows video chat therapy is just as effective as in person therapy, and my clients see great results through video chat sessions. Video chat allows you to remain in your own comfortable environment without driving to and from a physical location. 


I serve clients in most states and some countries beyond the borders of the USA. This is dependent on state licensure rules and regulations, and may change periodically. Please contact me directly for further information. 


I prefer at least one family member present with the child during therapy sessions. When the whole family is involved, we see larger transformations in a short amount of time. My goal is to make the child and parent the experts in the treatment process. I may provide specific strategies for parents to assist the process and help their children reach their highest potential. 


The CBIT program is appropriate for individuals 7 years old into adulthood. The Child Anxiety program is fitting for children as young as 4 years old and as old as 18 years of age.