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Tics aren’t the only challenge you face. Many internal and external conditions accompany tic disorders. These conditions include:


Obsessive compulsive behaviors

Sensory processing differences

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Handwriting challenges

Maladaptive behaviors or rage

Sleep difficulties


One on One Coaching Sessions 

Individual or family-based coaching sessions are designed for children and adults who struggle with the comorbidities of tic disorders and are looking for evidence-based, effective treatment. Tics are often the outward manifestation of many underlying conditions. For some people, tics are the secondary reaction to a deeper internal challenge. It is important to address these comorbidities which can include Anxiety, ADHD, OCD, Sensory Processing Differences, and more. When provided with a tailored treatment plan, designed specifically for your needs. After completing the free Discovery call, a custom treatment plan will be created for your current needs and goals. Scheduling is convenient and easy!

The strategies are simple and easy to do. We do it as a family, and it has helped so much!


Sessions are scheduled for your specific needs. Flexible scheduling makes therapy sessions more accessible and feasible for your busy schedule


FREE 30 minute phone call to quickly assess your current challenges and goals. Treatment options provided based on your needs


Initial sessions includes extensive evaluation to assess current level of function. Education and treatment is initiated in the first session


One one One sessions are continued during this timeframe, meeting as needed based on your custom treatment plan. You will learn practical, evidence-based, and effective strategies to improve your level of function


Therapist will assess your level of understanding and ability to implement tools provided to you throughout the treatment plan. Once you are confident and able to independently implement strategies, you have successfully completed the program.  


All sessions are taken place over a secure video chat program. Electronic paperwork is completed prior to the first session. We will meet weekly until your goals are met! Let’s get started on a journey to a more educated, fulfilled, and confident you!

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