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Comprehensive behavior intervention for tics (CBIT)

The most effective treatment for tics disorders and Tourette syndrome.
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The Comprehensive Behavior Intervention for Tics (CBIT) program is a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and habit reversal training that consists of weekly 1-1 video chat sessions for individuals whose goal is to significantly reduce tics and associated symptoms in a short amount of time. The program is ideal for children older than 7 years to adults. CBIT is systematically designed to teach self-awareness of one tic at a time, then using a specific protocol, implement an alternative movement that is incompatible with the tic. This process is reinforced through daily use of strategies and will result in a significant reduction of tics. This process is repeated and adapted for each tic the individual has. Throughout the program, the individual will learn strategies to increase confidence, advocacy skills and reduce sensory hypersensitivities, anxiety, and co-morbid OCD. 

thAn just tics

The iceberg is the perfect visual representation of what is seen (motor and vocal tics) and the underlying conditions that create or make tics worse. If any of these seem familiar to you, then you’re right where you need to be. It is critical that you learn how to manage these symptoms under the iceberg so you can reach your maximum potential with managing tics and overall well-being. It’s often difficult for clients to know which area is impacting them the most, so we will work together to figure it out and develop a specific plan for your success. 

It's more

do you 

Feel like...

Tics are becoming bothersome and annoying to the individual and/or others

You worry about tics impacting social relationships, academics, work, self-confidence, and independence

Tics create anxiety, controlling the activities that you engage in, and feel like a bully

You fear that tics will hold you or your child back in various aspects of life

The co-occuring conditions of tics are causing problems in and of themselves

You don't have to continue to live that way.

Comprehensive Behavior Intervention for Tics (CBIT) is the most effective treatment for Tic disorders, and can be more effective than medicine! This therapy program will teach you what's happening in the brain and body that causes tics, teach you self-awareness from various aspects of your brain and body, and provide you will practical strategies that WILL reduce your tics and the symptoms associated with it.

"My son and I had the pleasure with working with Emily and Three23 Therapy over the last two years with results that have been nothing short of amazing. Her ability to see what was needed to be done to get my son's TS under control was both impressively insightful and rapidly effective"

-cbit program

"I am seeing a huge difference in how my 10 year old handles his vocal and motor tics. From day 1, I saw that the CBIT he receives from Ms. Emily has reduced the severity of his tics. He is now aware of when his tic is coming on to how to handle it with a response"

-cbit program

"As I saw our son gain control of his TS, his confidence grew in handling all of the associated issues that can accompany TS. He is in a great place today, and we know that Emily is only a few clicks away if we need a tune up or some new tools keep TS in its place. HIGHLY RECOMMEND"!

-cbit program

Months ago, she didn't want to start school or even do much in public because she was so nervous about her tics. Fast forward . . . her tics are almost non-existent

-cbit program

She helped my son with both his verbal and physical tics. She introduced us to the concept of a 504 and provided guidance for my son’s teachers and mentors. Emily was professional and easy to reach. We highly recommend Three23!!!

-cbit program

"I cannot be more thankful to have had Emily as my therapist. She has helped me through my hardest tic moments and has taught me skills, that I still use to this day, on managing my tics"

-cbit program

"Emily is truly great, we could see the difference in just a couple of sessions, she helped my son with his tourette syndrome."

-cbit program

My daughter suddenly developed tics. Ms.Emily has helped her so much in only a few sessions!

-cbit program

Therapy results

will experiencE

Understand the process of how tics occur and impact the brain and body 

Learn how to detect when the tic is about to occur and use an alternative movement to block the tic from happening

Identify potential triggers that influence tics and use effective strategies to decrease tics in various environments and situations

Develop a Competing Response which is physically incompatible with the tic. This results in significant reduction in tics, no longer bothering or impacting daily life

Access to tools, handouts, and knowledge to maintain tic control long-term

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what you 

cbit therapy process

60-minute virtual initial evaluation covering the history, onset of tics, current challenges with tics, education on the neurological process of tic, tic assessment, and overview of CBIT therapy.

Session 1

45-minute virtual treatment session in which the client chooses the first tic to address. This session is focused on awareness training of the urge to tic. We overview multiple components of the tic as well as environmental triggers. Weekly homework includes increasing awareness of urge to tic 

Session 2

45-minute virtual treatment session where we focus on developing a competing response, which is the body movement, body position, or breathing pattern we develop to stop the tic from happening. We practice in session and the weekly homework includes specific practice of blocking the tic using the competing response.

Session 3

45-minute virtual treatment session where we either restart the process from Session 2 and then Session 3 the following week with a new tic. We may also introduce breathing strategies for tics, discuss environmental strategies for tic reduction, or modify the competing response. We focus on any other potential triggers that may contribute to increased tics and develop strategies to control or reduce that trigger as much as possible. 

Session 4

Sessions continue until all tics have been addressed or the client feels they can independently implement the cbit program at home

how it works

Schedule free 30 minute Discovery Call to discuss concerns and determine if therapy is appropriate 

Create a client portal, complete intake forms, and self-schedule initial evaluation (60 minutes). Client portal allows you to self-schedule all appointments.

The length of treatment varies based on each client and their presentation.

Complete initial evaluation, develop plan of action and self-schedule treatment sessions (45 minutes). Sessions are typically 1x/week, with some exceptions

Therapy is completed when either all tics have been addressed or the client/family is confident in their ability to implement the CBIT process at home

Let's get your life back

In just a few weeks, you will gain control over your mind and body and feel confident and comfortable with who you were created to be! Whether a child or an adult, the strategies you will learn will last a lifetime and provide with you more than just tic management.

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FREE Discovery call to review your goals and answer questions

East client portal set-up and self-scheduling 

Complete the initial evaluation (60 minutes) and develop plan of care

Self-schedule and complete weekly appointments (45 minutes)

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frequent questions

is a diagnosis required?

A formal diagnosis is not required to begin therapy. I may recommend following a medical professional for management of symptoms, but it is not a prerequisite. Many clients prefer to seek a Neurologist recommendation prior to starting therapy to rule out other factors for symptom onset. 


I am a private-pay provider. Because I serve clients throughout the country and across the borders, I do not contract with insurance providers. I can provide you with a  monthly super-bill if you would like to submit to insurance for reimbursement. Cost of services is available upon request.


All sessions take place via a secure video chat platform, similar to Zoom or Facetime. Research shows video chat therapy is just as effective as in person therapy, and my clients see great results through video chat sessions. Video chat allows you to remain in your own comfortable environment without driving to and from a physical location. 


I serve clients in most states and some countries beyond the borders of the USA. This is dependent on state licensure rules and regulations, and may change periodically. Please contact me directly for further information. 


I prefer at least one family member present with the child during therapy sessions. When the whole family is involved, we see progress a shorter amount of time. My goal is to make the child and parent the experts in the treatment process. I may provide specific strategies for parents to assist the process and help their children reach their highest potential. 


The CBIT program is appropriate for individuals 7 years old into adulthood. The Child Anxiety program is fitting for children as young as 4 years old and as old as 18 years of age.