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action-based approach to learn how to interrupt the cycle of anxiety

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Worry is a normal part of learning and growing. But when anxiety becomes bossy in the brains of our fun and happy-hearted kids, it alters their behaviors, actions, and emotional state. Anxiety wants to control everything around us to avoid the uncertain and uncomfortable situations we experience during our daily life. When worry becomes powerful, it can impact a child’s ability to engage in normal daily activities including school, making friends, sleep, developing independence, play, and trying new things. If that sounds familiar, you are in the right place! I teach children and teens to understand the process of worry, retrain the brain, and take action against anxiety! Your child will learn skills to conquer worry and become the independent child you are raising them to be! 

Action over Avoidance

sound familiar?

Anxiety can show up in so many ways in children. The spectrum is wide...some may have difficulty separating from their parents, sleeping alone, difficulty making friends, some show aggressive or maladaptive behaviors, getting up for school or extra-curricular activities, excessive perfectionism, and more. When you pay attention closely, you may notice a pattern to your anxious child’s words. I have good news! It doesn’t have to stay like this. We will retrain your child’s brain to recognize and interrupt the pattern of worry in the brain so they can be free from the restraints of anxiety.

does this

Here's how anxiety works

It's repetitive and persistent

Anxiety starts with feeling uncomfortable or uncertain about something. The cycle begins from there with worried or repetitive thoughts, the body's alarm system becomes activated, physical symptoms sometimes develop which increase worried or repetitive thoughts, and this typically results in avoidance of the initial trigger. Anxiety gets stronger when we avoid the thing that makes us uncomfortable and/or uncertain or we do something that makes us more comfortable and more certain. We must interrupt this process and implement strategies to strengthen our ability to move forward despite feeling uncomfortable or uncertain. 

Let's make a plan

Actionable steps to decrease the hold of anxiety

  • Recognize the cycle of anxiety that happens in the brain and body
  • Identify that it’s a process and anxiety wants certainty and comfort
  • Know the ways that parents and child avoid or accommodate anxiety to get certainty and comfort
  • Know and Recognize the patterns of anxiety
  • Expect anxiety to show up
  • Interrupt the cycle while handling the discomfort and uncertainty
  • Take action in order to retrain the brain that the child can handle anxiety
  • Learns skills to modify the patterns of anxiety in order to reduce its strength

you can Stop searching

I created this program for you

This program is designed to transform your anxious child into an problem solving thinker and independent action taker! You and your child will take action against anxiety by learning to overcome the discomfort, normalize anxious situations, and use effective and simple strategies to rewire the brain for optimal functioning! You and your child will be able to identify when anxiety is showing up, detect what anxiety is telling you and interrupt the process of anxiety to conquer fears, face new challenges, and experience life to the fullest!

how it works

Getting started is an easy and flexible process

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Before we schedule an initial appointment, I highly recommend scheduling a free 30-minute discovery call to discuss your current challenges and goals. During this call, I review how CBIT works. If you would like to skip this step, please email me and I will set up a client portal for you. 

When you're ready to begin therapy, I will create a portal for you to access intake forms and scheduling. As a client, you can choose appointment time and dates that work best for your schedule. The portal provides appointment reminder and allows you to message the therapist.

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Anxiety program cost

initial session (60 minutes): $180.00 

follow-up sessions (45 minutes): $150.00 

If you cannot afford the cost of therapy, please let me know. I accept a few sliding scale clients each month. 

What ages do you work with?

Do I attend sessions with my child?

What locations do you serve? 

Do you accept insurance?

Is a diagnosis required to start?



No! If tics are present, we can address them. A formal diagnosis is not required, but assessment by a medical professional is recommended.

CBIT is most effective starting at the age of 7 years old. I work with children, teens, and adults for CBIT. Anxiety treatment can be effective at any age. Parent coaching may be more appropriate for younger children

I am a private-pay provider. Depending on the state you live in, a super bill may be provided if you are seeking insurance reimbursement.

I work with clients across the US and beyond borders. Accessible care is my priority.  

My general guideline is anyone under 16 years of age should have a parent/guardian attend the session with them.

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